May            2      

2:30 pm: Progressive Euchre with Bob D’Aoust


May            6           

2:00 pm: Walmart

2:30 pm: An Afternoon of Music with Jeff Poolton

7:30 pm: Waterloo Concert Band


May             7

2:00 pm: Landscape Painting with Shirley


May             8

9:00 am: Blood Pressure Clinic

3:30 pm: Choir practise with Tim Louis

7:15 pm: Movie Night


May             10

2:30 pm: Choir performance at Luther Village


May            11

2:00-4:00 pm: Mary Kay Mother’s Day Makeup Tutorial


May            13        

2:30 pm: Seasons of the Year with Ann Reynolds


May            14

Take Your Pet To Work Day!


May            16

9:00-3:30 pm: Foot Care Clinic

2:30 pm: Volunteer Appreciation Social

7:15 pm: Campfire Sing-a-long


May            23

10:00 am: Trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart

10:30 am: Suzanne M. Jewellery


May            24

4:00 pm: Happy Hour Birthday Bonanza


May            31

1:45 pm: Trip to Conestoga Mall

2:30 pm: Bingo



Every Monday and the last Wednesday of the month Waterloo Heights hosts Bridge Groups from the community.


Waterloo Heights will be holding a “Polercise” Class with Urban Poling every Tuesday. This class works on strength and balance using walking poles.


Every Monday & Friday Afternoon Waterloo Heights Hosts SMART exercises run by Community Support Connections  


Every Wednesday Afternoon Waterloo Heights holds choir practice with Tim Louis